What is self-consumption?

Energy self-consumption consists in the process of using the electrical energy that is generated by ourselves. We also speak of self-produced energy when it is produced in a building or in several houses of a community for the use of the neighbors, in other words, for several consumers.

Renewable energies are the main players in this method of energy consumption. They enable us to produce and manage our energy while saving and protecting the environment. An effective formula to combat climate change.

For these reasons, one of the most common forms of energy production for self-consumption is photovoltaic panels, commonly known as solar panels.



We believe in the independence and power of decentralized energy for a greater economic and environmental sustainability of our planet.

That is why we bring solar energy to you and design solutions that advance the energy transition while being financially beneficial to your company.

Profitable investment

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Property valuation

Guaranteed savings

Consumption reduction

Reduction of potency

Better quality of energy

Return on investment

Monthly revenue

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