Solar Energy

Energy Communities

Solar Energy

Energy Communities

Produce, consume and share your own energy

Produce your own energy

By producing energy through photovoltaic panels, installed on your building or land, you can contribute to the energy transition and also save on your electricity bill.

Consume your own energy

By adopting a solar energy solution you do not need to be dependent on the net for energy consumption. You will not only have autonomy on consumption, but also contribute to a greater economic and environmental sustainability of our planet.

Share your own energy

By engaging in an Energy Community you will be able to share the not consumed energy to the other members of the Community.

Our global contribution

251.3 MW


44.6 MW 



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Information updated to May 2023


A variety of technologies to reduce your energy bills

We develop projects that allow you to reduce costs, whether through the production of Solar Energy, LED lighting installation, or even through Energy Communities. Our solutions are totally customized for each client and tailored to meet their needs.


Make an impact next to you

Reduce your energy bill

Reduction of carbon emissions

More sustainable companies

Electrical autonomy

Social impact

Economic impact

Return on investment

Transforming the world’s future through renewable energy

We are a brand close to people, with the goal of maximizing energy efficiency according to the reality of each client and each market.

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Energy that is present in your daily life

We offer a variety of technologies that generate electricity at or near where it will be used every day, in everything you do. Everywhere you are.


The one that drives the change of the way we consume, produce, and share our energy.


The one that drives the change of the way we consume, produce, and share our energy.


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