What is an Energy Community?

Energy Communities bring together solar energy Producers with Consumers looking for a more sustainable future and lower energy costs.

Citizens, public and private entities produce, consume and
share 100% renewable energy. First the solar panels are installed in the spaces provided by the Producers, where energy is produced for self-consumption, then the remaining energy is ditributed to the other member of the community (Consumers).



-20 to 30%

on energy value

together we reduce CO2 emissions and consume cleaner energy


renewable energy


How it works?

What are Energy Communities?

Creating an Energy Community requires a solar energy producer and at least one nearby consumer. At Greenvolt Next we streamlined the creation of the Energy Community by helping to attract all members.

It all starts with the energy generated by the Producer, through solar panels installed in his space with our full support.

Part of the energy generated will be self-consumed by the respective Producer and another part will be shared with the Consumers around them at a more competitive price. Everyone benefits from clean, cheaper energy.

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